Ideas, discoveries and memories

These days we don’t have to know how a car actually works to be able to drive one. Even better - we don’t have to know anything about driving at all, in case someone else is behind the wheel. And of course we can sit in a chair in the sky on the flight to Lisbon and not care about planes, jet propulsion or gravity. A great time to be alive!

But then again, it’s so much cooler if we actually knew, right? Knowing things helps creating stuff we like, fuels ideas, ideas take us on adventures and discoveries savoured as beautiful stories and memories. Nice - that’s how we make our own life a great time to be alive!

That’s the very short version of the conversation we had when deciding to start Ludo & Hedo’s exploration in the world of ice cream. In another conversation we decided that the beauty of Ludo & Hedo will be that it will never be only about ice cream. But we take ice cream as a companion in our discoveries about the world.

What is the problem with vanilla crops, which of our recipes will deliver the highest serotonin boost or a dose of natural melatonin? How do we turn stamppot into an ice cream and can you make one with edible clay?

Ice cream is a simple pleasure, but the world around it is truly fascinating!

Photo: © Ola Lanko