Earlier this year, once we opened the doors of Ludo & Hedo, we did not just sell ice cream - we also opened the doors towards curiosity, endless experimentation and playfulness within the world of cooking below zero. However, since our intention is to stay alive and not disappear melting (pun intended) into thin air our concept needs an audience upon which to learn, improve and expand. 

We are a store encouraging unconventional experiments with flavours while using something as conventional as ice cream. Establishing a connection with the public is not necessarily an easy task. On the one hand we experiment with a substance unconditionally loved by the masses, disarming and unassuming. On the other there is a heavy standard around what ice cream is supposed to be in order to be accepted. 

Luckily, we felt the neighbourhood is picking up our enthusiasm and playfulness too, or more precisely physically bringing it into Ludo & Hedo. Soon we began receiving ingredients from our neighbours' kitchens and personal cookbooks to experiment with, sharing breakfast recipes or cuisines belonging to their home countries while simultaneously pondering whether their familiar taste can become an icy dessert. 

We were encouraged and inspired by the unexpected yet active participation of our dear neighbours, which led to the realisation that Ludo & Hedo is not exclusively an ice cream shop - it is also a platform for stories being shared and experienced through creating flavours. We aim to express the stories created by us and our neighbourhood.

Over the past few weeks we have worked with recipes submitted by our regular visitors to create a brand new neighbourhood-inspired menu. All the flavours on our new menu have been designed by our neighbours and have been realised by Ludo & Hedo. Ranging from strong and sophisticated pipe tobacco to a playful and light variation of Stracciatella with a twist of refreshing mint to a more seductive dark chocolate, chili and sesame seeds flavour combination. Not to forget, the menu will make your head spin from a port wine, figs and ricotta flavour and awaken you with vodka, apple, ginger, lime, speculaas and spices wonders. We came to a conclusion that our neighbourhood has its own flavour - it is often spicy, sour and still fresh. It preaches everything green. Sometimes it embraces comfort in sweetness, yet isn’t afraid for things to turn rather boozy. 

Photo: © Annija Muižule