Moon Landings

This weekend we officially opened the doors of our new Headquarters. It’s an interesting phase with lots of discoveries. During our soft opening in particular, I learned a lot. I realised that the things I like most are to dive deeper into flavour combinations, invent new kind of dishes and talk about our experiments with our guests. 

For our new place, we developed 5 flavours which we decided to call Planets. Each has its own particular character and personality. Planet Mi, for example, consists of milk + poppy seed + dried prunes + dried apricots + whipped cream + honeycomb and is familiar yet surprising. The well known tastes of milk and cream are interrupted by the strong flavour of dried prunes and an unexpected honeycomb explosion. Mi is both a kid and grown up at the same time. 

While working on developing the Planets, I discovered many peculiar details about the ingredients and combinations. The creation process is always full of excitement but sometimes it is not possible to share all the discoveries in the final result. That is why I decided to develop Moons, small experimental side notes that explore a flavour in more detail. They are also meant to give more insight into the way we design our flavours.

Each Planet has its own 3 Moons. They differ in shape and taste and explore a certain element or process that happens within a Planet. For example on Planet Avo, the presence of vegemite is interesting. It introduces the umami flavour into the final composition. In order to get more insight into this flavour, I created the Moon Scosy (shitake + koi + soy + yeast) which extracts the umami and makes it the center of the attention. This method we apply in all the other Moons as well, unfurling the Planets and exploring them in detail.

Working with liquid nitrogen has its beauties and limitations. The temperature is -196 °C and everything that touches the liquid freezes instantly. It allows us to capture organic forms and shapes, freezing the moment that can be contemplated and enjoyed afterwards. Our Moons are unique organic outbursts of matter, impermanent by default but captured in time for a moment by the power of the physical process.

Pass by soon to join us on this exciting journey and to explore flavours in an unconventional manner; experiment with us and help us to figure out the results of the experiments too. We are always curious to hear what people think and are open to suggestions for improvement or further experimentation. 

See you soon!